Bespoke Log Cabin

When you’re in need of a living space expansion that marries style and functionality, look no further than Mycabin’s log cabin extensions. We’ve perfected the art of seamlessly integrating our meticulously designed log cabin extensions with your existing home or creating stand-alone structures that enhance the overall appeal of your property. At Mycabin, we take immense pride in our commitment to quality. Our extensions are meticulously crafted using premium materials, and our keen attention to detail is evident in every element. This dedication ensures that each extension not only complements your property’s aesthetics but also provides versatile space that can cater to a myriad of needs. Are you in search of a tranquil haven for remote work? Or perhaps you desire inviting guest accommodations to make your visitors feel right at home? Mycabin has the perfect solution for you. Our log cabin extensions are highly customisable, allowing you to tailor them to your unique requirements. With Mycabin, you get the opportunity to bask in the timeless appeal and remarkable versatility of log cabins. We’re here to turn your vision into a stunning reality, providing you with the ideal solution for expanding your living space without compromising on style, comfort, or functionality. Experience the perfect synergy of nature and design with Mycabin’s log cabin extensions.

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MyCabin Scotland: Log Cabin Extensions

MyCabin Scotland specialises in creating stunning log cabin extensions that seamlessly merge traditional charm with modern functionality, providing the perfect space for your unique needs

Unlocking the Potential: The Versatile Applications of Log Cabin Extensions

The potential uses for a log cabin extension are virtually limitless. Similar to other types of home extensions, a log cabin extension can be tailored to suit your specific desires and requirements. Our expertise spans groundworks, plumbing, and electrical work, offering you the flexibility to transform your new extension into anything you envision, whether it’s a simple handwash basin, a complete kitchen or bathroom with all amenities, including sanitaryware, waste pipes, and heating.
We also take care of foundation installation when necessary, and the finishing touch of professional painting and decorating is a fundamental aspect of our service. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your extension but also serves to protect it from the elements, ensuring its durability and longevity.
In essence, your log cabin extension can take on any form you desire – whether it’s a functional kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, a cozy living room, a dedicated home gym, or any other imaginative space you can conceive. For homes seeking additional space, a log cabin extension represents an ideal and versatile solution.

The Insulation and Temperature Control in Log Cabin Extensions

Our log cabin extensions prioritise comfort and climate control. They feature complete insulation, maintaining a cozy atmosphere in cold weather and ensuring a pleasant coolness during warmer seasons. Additionally, all windows and doors are double or triple glazed to provide excellent insulation.
To enhance your comfort further, heating systems can be seamlessly integrated into the extension, and comprehensive guttering and downpipes protect it from the elements. In fact, you might discover that your log cabin glulam extension is not only warmer but also drier and more comfortable than the original structure.
Connecting to mains electricity simplifies lighting solutions, and optional windows can be added to introduce additional natural light, brightening up your extended space.

What is the Maximum Log Cabin Size Allowed Without Requiring Planning Permission?

In United Kingdom, the general guideline for a standalone log cabin is that it doesn’t require planning permission if its size is under 25 square meters and its height is less than 4 meters. Keep in mind that these regulations may vary by local authority, so it’s advisable to verify them in advance. However, when it comes to extensions, the rules are somewhat different, irrespective of the construction material. To be classified as an extension, the structure must be directly attached to your primary residence. In this scenario, the extension’s floor area should not exceed 40 square meters (assuming no prior extensions have been made), and its height should not surpass that of the connected house. This typically offers ample room for an additional living space. If you intend to build a larger extension, obtaining planning permission is an option. We are here to assist you in liaising with your local council and guiding you through the planning process.

Is Permanent Residence in a Log Cabin Possible Without Planning Permission?

When a structure is separate from your primary residence, a log cabin is typically regarded as a temporary arrangement and is not deemed suitable for permanent residency. Conversely, an extension is viewed differently, as it’s considered an integral part of the main home, designed for everyday living. Detached log cabin buildings are often utilized as temporary lodging for guests and visitors, which does not constitute permanent occupancy. If you intend to establish an independent log cabin rather than an extension, it’s advisable to consult with the local authority to ensure that your intended usage complies with regulations and doesn’t necessitate special permissions. If your plan involves constructing a log cabin for permanent living, you must also adhere to building regulations and take into account any additional relevant rules and considerations.

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