Arran Log Cabin 5m x 4m

£8,200 inc. Vat

Price includes:


Our uPVC coated TATA steel roof (top of the range & scratch resistant) is a single piece of steel from ridge to gutter, no leaks and no maintenance. Some suppliers give the option of a shingle roof or poor quality steel tiles, this is a cheap option that will not last.

Gutters and downpipes are frequently overlooked, however they play a vital role in protecting the log cabin. If not removed, rainwater will fall down the sides of your log cabin and splash back directly under your log cabin log ends, resulting in the onset of rot. Gutters and downpipes take care of this, increasing the longevity and lowering the maintenance requirements. We include them across our range as a standard. We believe saving on mandatory pieces of your log cabin is not worth its longevity.

100mm Mineral-wool roof insulation. nearly 80% of heat loss can occur through the roof, with 100mm of roof insulation, your heat will retain for far longer, saving you money on your winter heating bills. It also keeps the building cooler during hot summer weather. Don’t take risks, do it right, do it once!

50mm Mineral-wool floor insulation is included as our standard for all garden log cabins.

Our premium 28mm floor boards are the thickest boards on the market! These thick boards makes floor sturdy & strong. You can comfortably put heavy load on them without bending.

Roof boards cladding is internally visible. 19mm is perfect cost & strength balance.

Its UK LAW to have toughened safety glass if its below 800mm from the floor. All our glass doors & long windows are toughened safety glass (from both sides). Safety is first

All our cabins have premium glulam timber living type windows and doors. 24mm double glazing with this frame and 5-point locking mechanisms is standard. To reduce the maintenance we recommend upgrading to UPVC windows and doors. See the options below.

Insulation is worthless unless its dry, all our cabins comes with breathable damp proof membranes.

Cabin Specifications:

Size5m x 4m
Storage Room Widthn/a
Log Thickness45mm
Floor Insulation50mm
Roof Insulation100mm
Wall Height2.1m
Ridge Height2.4m
Roof Boards19mm
Floor Boards28mm
Floor Bearers45mm x 50mm
Windows1 x Premium Double Window
Doors1 x Premium Double Door With Fixed Panels

Assembly service *

Delivered in flat pack to your door (free delivery up to 30 miles from our warehouse in Brechin,DD9 6RL). You will need tools, screws, nails and carpentry skills to assemble the cabin. There is no structural warranty provided for self-builds.

Built by our professional log cabin builders with years of experience in carpentry and log cabin building. 5 years structural warranty included for externally insulated log cabins and 2 years warranty for single skin log cabins.

Foundation type *

Client guarantees level foundation to our specifications. Please contact us to get specifications for your log cabin foundation.

This consists of a pressure treated timber frame, covered with damp proof membrane & mounted on stilts. These are positioned on concrete block pads, set in a meter grid formation and cemented in place to avoid lateral or vertical movement. A standard height step, the width of the door (or the opening of the veranda) and a cover up around the base are included. If located on a flat surface, the building will be raised approximately 20cm off the ground. If located on a slope, it may be raised higher, which can increase the cost.

Wall insulation *

Only advisable for storage units, not suitable for residential log cabins or home offices. Buildings with uninsulated walls are inefficient to heat and are not protected by pressure treated cladding, decreasing the longevity of the building. This results in increased heating & maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building. Uninsulated walls get only two years structural warranty.

External insulation consists of 100mm insulation + breathable damp proof membrane + 25mm ventilated facade + 19mm pressure treated ship-lap cladding. This the highest standard option, the structural wall is never exposed to the elements as the pressure treated cladding protects the building, increasing longevity and lowering maintenance costs. This comes with a 5-year structural warranty.

Windows & doors *

Included in price our premium glue laminated timber windows with 24mm toughened safety glazing, 3-point locks on the windows, 5-point locks on external doors. Flag hinges (fully adjustable). These windows come unpainted and require to be painted by the customer. To reduce the maintenance we recommend upgrading to UPVC windows and doors. See the options below.

Contact us for prices and available options

Laminate flooring *

Premium 8mm laminate with 3mm recycled tyre rubber & foil plated underlay.

Product price:£8,200 inc. Vat
Total options:
Order total:
  • Delivery in 6 – 8 weeks
  • Free Delivery up to 30 miles
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Perfect as a home office or day room, with all that light flooding in, it even works as a beauty or treatment room. Ideal for working from home or a safe space for the kids. It is a bright space with a big double door and 2 fixed glass panels to the front with an elevated double side window on the left (or right) you could have a desk, cabinets, couch and more arranged with ease. The Arran cabin is available in

If you have any further queries or if this model is not exactly what you are looking for, we specialise in bespoke cabins and can create a cabin from your own custom design! Contact us today or call us on 0330 160 360, we look forward to helping you.


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