Three Bedroom B Barn Style Log Cabin 7m x 11.5m

£49,880 inc. Vat

Foundation type *

Client guarantees level foundation to our specifications. Please contact us to get specifications for your log cabin foundation.

This consists of a pressure treated timber frame, covered with damp proof membrane & mounted on stilts. These are positioned on concrete block pads, set in a meter grid formation and cemented in place to avoid lateral or vertical movement. A standard height step, the width of the door (or the opening of the veranda) and a cover up around the base are included. If located on a flat surface, the building will be raised approximately 20cm off the ground. If located on a slope, it may be raised higher, which can increase the cost.

Wall Log Thickness *

45mm wall thickness comes as standard in all our garden type cabins, external wall insulation upgrade is a must if the structure is being used for residential purpose.

60mm wall thickness upgrade is highly recommended as this will make your cabin more structurally solid. This wall thickness will reduce movement in the walls. External wall insulation upgrade is a must if the structure is being used for residential purpose.

Wall insulation *

Only advisable for storage units, not suitable for residential log cabins or home offices. Buildings with uninsulated walls are inefficient to heat and are not protected by pressure treated cladding, decreasing the longevity of the building. This results in increased heating & maintenance costs over the lifespan of the building. Uninsulated walls get only two years structural warranty.

External insulation consists of 100mm insulation + breathable damp proof membrane + 25mm ventilated facade + 19mm pressure treated ship-lap cladding. This the highest standard option, the structural wall is never exposed to the elements as the pressure treated cladding protects the building, increasing longevity and lowering maintenance costs. This comes with a 5-year structural warranty.

Windows & doors *

Included in price our premium glue laminated timber windows with 24mm toughened safety glazing, 3-point locks on the windows, 5-point locks on external doors. Flag hinges (fully adjustable). These windows come unpainted and require to be painted by the customer. To reduce the maintenance we recommend upgrading to UPVC windows and doors. See the options below.

Contact us for prices and available options

Flooring *

Urban laminate flooring is a top-quality 8mm laminate that offers a perfect combination of price, decors and availability. The market-leading Uniclic® click system is incorporated into the flooring, making the installation process quicker and simpler. Urban comes in 8 modern decors that give a hard-wearing and clean finish, making it ideal for use in a variety of rooms and environments.

Endura is the next generation rigid vinyl technology as it combines a flexible but rigid core structure with an improved installation experience and a stronger, less brittle joint than traditional SPC. Endura is designed to be better than traditional SPC in many ways; it is more stable, has better sound resistance and is also 100% waterproof.

Attic storage space *

Add an attic storage space to a 45mm wall thickness log cabin / Same with 60mm

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Our new 77 sqm 3-bedroom B cabin features a quaint 4 sqm veranda, which can easily be enclosed and transformed into a porch. This cabin is based on 3-bedroom apartment plans, with a living area distinct from the main sitting room and kitchen. A separate utility room can be adapted into a small office space or by adding an extra door, it can become a boot room.

The design includes an open-plan living/kitchen area, where a U-shaped kitchen divides the room into two separate spaces. The living room/kitchen ceiling reaches a height of 3m for a more spacious and open look. The corridor leading to the bedrooms can be converted into storage space with the addition of a attic storage . There are two generously sized bedrooms that easily accommodate double/king-size beds. Additionally, one room can serve as an office or children’s room, with the option of adding a Murphy’s bed.

This cabin is available with either our regular ship lap cladding or maintenance-free steel cladding as an alternative. We also provide a comprehensive package that includes electrical and plumbing work, along with the installation of kitchen and bathroom units.

If you have any further queries or if this model is not exactly what you are looking for, we specialise in bespoke cabins and can create a cabin from your own custom design! Contact us today or call us on 0330 160 360, we look forward to helping you.

Dimensions6427245567 × 64272115566 cm


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